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Not only design for the disabled, but design by the disabled.

Accessibility emerges as a big concern in tech world recently. This is because when developing a product, designers and developers often pay little attention to the particular needs of the physically disabled. This is an important step, yet our next goal should go beyond products made for the physically disabled. What about products made by them?

Our team explored this possibility in a voluntary training session collaborated with Hong Kong Society for the Deaf. In the 8-week session, our team shared the basics of programming with focus on app development. Participants learnt to develop animation and interaction patterns commonly seen in mobile apps.

In this training session our team noticed that despite the limit in verbal communication, participants have all the qualities needed to be professional app developers. While this training session is only a brief start, we hope that more people from the disadvantaged groups will be able to turn their ideas into real products.



Hong Kong Society for the Deaf Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

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