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When we talk about internship, we often imagine inexperienced young people who learn (and make mistakes) in real work setting. This seems like a charitable act from the employers as they receive almost nothing in return.

But our working experience with Stephanie showed us another story. Stephanie joined us in early 2017 as an intern while she was taking a gap year after her high school program. She is passionate about programming and would like to learn from real jobs. Our team provided her on-job training and she experienced every day work as a full-time developer.

In the 6-month internship program Stephanie demonstrates outstanding qualities as a young programmer. She learns efficiently from her tasks and is able to meet the project objectives set by our clients. Her self-motivation at work also impresses every one of us. We are glad to have Stephenie in our team and we learn that aspiration and curiosity are the most valuble qualities among young candidates. This encourages us to carry on with the internship/mentioship program and to provide a learning platform to other young students like Stephanie.



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