Rail Girls

Girls can be briliant developers too.

Gender imbalance is obvious in the tech world and development is very often seen as a male's profession. This is undergoing a change. Recently there are various intiatives that encourage and equip aspired women with technical skills, and we are happy to be part of them.

In May 2016 Eddie Lau, CEO of our team, participated in Rail Girls Hong Kong as one of the voluntary coaches. Rail Girls is a non-profit, voluntary community orginated from Finland. It aims at encouraging women to understand technology and to build their ideas with latest development skills. In the 2-day workshop female students from different schools and majors learnt how to set up and design a web app on their own. The workshop also included a sharing session and other than instructing participants, Eddie shared his career experience as a developer.

We believe gender should not be a barrier to enter tech field, and we are excited to see more and more talent females embark their career as developers.



Rail GirlsRail Girls

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